The Series500 Analytical Model

    Follow the Money...


Your trading tool box just got bigger; our proprietary Series500 Analytical Model (“Analytical Model”)  gives you a perspective of the market that is not available anywhere any price.  Traditional S&P 500 traders follow price action of days and weeks gone by, in an attempt to determine where prices are headed.   Our interest lies in what drives those prices... the institutional buy/sell activity.


The Analytical Model generates the Institutional Activity Index (“Activity Index”), which reflects actual daily market statistical observations.  The objective of the Analytical Model is to anticipate short-term market swings by quantifying the underlying forces at work. The Activity Index is a relative measure of cumulative institutional buy/sell activity in U.S. equities only. The general thesis is that no individual money manager knows all of the facts all of the time, but all money managers collectively know most of the facts most of the time. The market activity of the institutions, therefore, is a by-product of all currently known fundamental and technical factors, which is the driving force behind market movement. To measure such activity, the Activity Index employs proprietary algorithms which measure net (short and intermediate term) institutional buy/sell activity, while ignoring the news of the moment. The Activity Index does not predict whether institutions will continue to buy or sell. It does, however, indicate recent and present activity and changes in that activity; such observations lead us to believe that being in the boardroom of money managers is not a necessity, if one is able to discern their activity outside the boardroom.


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