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Alliance Marketing and Trading Company, LLC is committed to excellence.  Regardless of  your trading objectives,  our decades of experience  means that you will get the  help you demand when developing  the strategy most appropriate  for  your  particular  needs.    If  you  are  grain  producer,  ask  us about   managing risk or inventory  management.    If  you  are  an investor, ask us about S&P 500 trading or wheat, corn, and soybean trading, to name just a few of the areas that we excel in.


Take a moment and see why we believe you have found  the  advisor that can help you achieve the goals you are reaching for.                   

This material has been prepared by Alliance Marketing and Trading Company and is, or is in the nature of, a solicitation. Strategies and/or positions recommended by Alliance Marketing and Trading Co., LLC are based on known and anticipated market inputs and are subject to change at any time. In addition, strategies and/or positions recommended are based on information provided by the producer, or investor, regarding the business of same as well as his or her personal objectives. Seemingly similar business operations may, therefore, receive somewhat different trading recommendations at any given time.  Certain trading methodologies and/or concepts employed by Alliance Marketing and Trading Co., LLC are designed to address the financial exposure represented by an entire farming operation, where appropriate. As such, positions recommended may not have a profit motive, if viewed as separate investments. Strategies employed, and subsequent adjustments thereof, are often highly sophisticated and require the investor to make various trading compromises. The benefits of such compromises as well as limitations should be reviewed and understood prior to initiation. Trading futures and options on futures is inherently risky, given that market conditions can and often do change. Trading is not appropriate for all persons as the risk of loss is substantial. Since there is no level of certainty associated with futures and options on futures, a purchaser may lose the entire amount committed in a relatively short period of time. Market comments contained herein are intended for information purposes only. Such comments are based on information provided by sources believed to be reliable, but is not guaranteed as to accuracy. Options on futures involve special tax considerations that should be reviewed with a professional tax advisor prior to trading. Alliance Marketing and Trading Co., LLC and/or its principles may maintain positions in commodities addressed here-in. Due to varying trading objectives, those positions may or may not be consistent with information and/or recommendations contained here-in.






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